If you like Dubstep then you would have no doubt heard the huge mix that SKisM dropped at the beginning of the year celebrating Never Say Die’s One Hundredth release. The opening tune in that had people going absolutely crazy – and it’s finally been released today!

Spag Heddy has been absolutely killing it the past few years. After a succession of releases on, what seems like every single electronic label across the board, Spag Heddy has found a home with Never Say Die Records.

So, after some time of going quiet – we are now blessed with a brand new release from the pasta master. We believe this is part of an upcoming EP release called, ‘Meatball Mafia’ based on the comment that Never Say Die left on the UKF upload above. What track were you most looking forward to from the NSD 100 mix? Any that haven’t been released yet?

‘Samir’ by Spag Heddy is OUT NOW on Never Say Die Records

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