Sleepy Tom is back with a new hit single featuring Dirty Radio

Sleepy Tom is the latest sensation in electronic music, coming to you straight from Vancouver, Canada. Following his latest worldwide hit with Diplo, ‘Be Right There’, Sleepy Tom is back with the hit new single ‘Distant Future’. Infectiously charming, the track also has a pretty adorable animated lyric video to go with it. You’re definitely going to want to check this one out!

The track jumps right in with those charming vocals and a high energy beat. Things are upbeat and fast-paced, full of positive vibes and groovy beats. The lyrics and atmosphere are carefree, with peppy melodies and all around feel good vibes. The vocals are suave and enticing, with just the right amount of pop influence.

The drop takes us completely by surprise with its slightly darker undertones and hard hitting bass. The vocals cut through to maintain that upbeat feel, but with a whole new groove introduced to the mix. Highlighting Sleepy Tom and Dirty Radio’s production skills, the drop is what made us really fall for ‘Distant Future’!

Things wind down again with those dreamy vocals and infectious melodies that keep us groovin’. Those darker undertones are teased again as the track progresses, creating a really unique dynamic in the track. The second drop sneaks up and hits hard again, but we never quite lose those alluring vocals.

The track ends and we find ourselves immediately going to hit replay. Sleepy Tom has proven he’s not just a one trick pony with this release, and we can’t wait to hear more from this talented producer! If ‘Distant Future’ is to be any indication, we know we can expect big things from this Canadian producer.

Download or stream ‘Distant Future’ now, out on Mad Decent Records! 



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