SKisM has done it again.

If there is one thing that we get excited for each year – it’s a good mix. It doesn’t necessarily have to be dubstep either as we listen to and love all sorts of music, but if there is one mix we look towards hearing every time – it’s the ones that SKisM pushes out. He somehow manages to take that bar and raise it up a couple notches every time he puts a mix out and he’s done it again with the ‘NSD One Hundred Mix’ – part of the upcoming compilation that Never Say Die announced yesterday.

The beginning of the mix is one of the most impressive mashup/mini-mix styles we have ever heard. There are more surprises in this mix than a rollercoaster ride. The way he brings the NSD back catalogue through on top of new content is unbelievably creative and I’d love to hear more artists being creative within their mixes in the future too. The mix shows that you can definitely play around with different ideas and still realistically mix it out live.

Not only is the mix insane – the tracks are insane too! The tracklisting consists of ID after ID and the amount of hype for this years releases are now UNREAL. You can get a sneaky peak of the upcoming Zomboy and 12th Planet collaboration, ‘Dead Presidents’ too – one of the largest collaborations that Zomboy has ever made. We can not WAIT to hear this played out live.

Now, we wait. We wait until the 10th March to hopefully get our hands on all of the content inside of the mix – but based on what the guys have done in the past, we can only hope.

Never Say Die One Hundred is out on the 10th March.

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