One of Copenhagen’s finest brings us a fresh free beat

If there’s two names that come to mind when Copenhagen based dance music is mentioned, it’s those of Shield and Black Daniels. With strong releases on Ivy Lab’s 20/20 LDN label, tracks pushed by label Vandal Records and a recent tour of the US, most notably playing at Shambhala music festival; Shield’s name is becoming synonymous with the beats movement of the music world. Black Daniel’s label CART records has been presenting Shields work in the form of free downloads for a little while now. Each track put out is of great originality and quality, the newest offering, ‘The Infamous’ is no exception.

Using an atmospheric synth and the powerful verse from Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, the introduction combines Shield’s sound with one of the most infamous rap lyrics in history.  The blend of old and new leads perfectly into the drop, a display of Shield’s percussive prowess, the rhythmic motives accented perfectly by a bouncing sub. It’s an excellent example of electronic music that doesn’t need to use a huge wall of sound to present a vibe, it’s all about the sounds you use and the energy you insert into it.



Shield inserts an undeniable amount of character into his tracks, continually presenting a unique take on electronic music while retaining a vibe that is undeniably his own. Having met him in person and from watching his Instagram stories (his Insta stories often make us laugh a little too hard) we can honestly tell you his music is a genuine artistic expression of his spirit.


You can get the track here

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