Goons Music presents a high-energy house track ‘Hustlers’ from Dutch DJ Sebastian Bronk

With a steady string of releases tucked firmly under his belt, as well a popular SoundCloud mix series ‘Strictly Bronk’ raking in the listens last year, it’s no surprise that Sebastian Bronk is continuing his momentum into 2017 with a strong new anthem.

Opening with a chopped chant of “Where my hustlers at?” accompanied by a neat house beat, the track at first feels relatively unassuming. The introductory elements build up quickly into the first drop, a no-thrills, pumping rhythm with high-powered synths bound to get any big room going. With Bronk nimbly changing up the main sound part way through, we soon realised that the song had way more in store than it had suggested in the first half.

Building up again with a few alternative sounds introduced, the track slams into a gully bass-house drop, the main synth winding powerfully through the song’s high-calibre beat. Every two bars of the new drop toys with different interpretations of the beat, a delightfully cheeky feature that made us grin from ear to ear.

The second drop really took us by surprise and would no doubt ensure a high level of shock-value in any DJ set. With some artists, in the ever-popular house scene, sometimes seeming afraid to step out of their comfort zone, it’s really great to hear a track that experiments with two differing styles for its separate drops.

You can get the track here

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