One of drum & bass’ most successful groups who have been largely responsible for the incredible global spread of jump-up in particular, we wanted to sit down and chat to the guys of SASASAS ahead of their performance at the first ever Shockout Festival at the end of the month.

Hey guys! Pleasure to have you with us today – what’s new in the world of everyone’s favourite drum & bass supergroup?

Were busy in the studio working on new music which we will release real soon. We’ve been testing the tracks at shows and they’ve been going down a treat so look out for that.

Let’s talk a little bit about how it all came together – what was the idea behind SASASAS and how did you give end up in one group?

6 friends who come together to do a one off set, which organically has grown to be what it is. The 6 of us are all long time friends and there is nothing forced, it’s all organic, all natural and that energy and vibe gets brought to the stage everytime we perform.

Can you tell us about the name SASASAS itself?

It actually stands for Skiba, Shabba, Shotta, Stormin but we can’t forget our 2 DJ’s and producers, Macky Gee & DJ Phantasy.

You’ve been attributed as one of the reasons jump-up has spread so successfully across the globe in recent years – where do you see the current state of the jump-up community as a whole, and what role do you feel you play in that?

Thank you. We just want to bring vibes and a great energy to the shows we play at. Great music travels and when we are at shows, we involve the crowd in our sets. It’s all about them, not us, they’re the most important people, the supporters who come out to see us, they are the community.

There often seem to be a bit of a rivalry between jump-up and other sub genres of drum & bass – can you comment on the unity of the scene in 2018?

Really? Rivalry? Can you let us and the readers know what you mean and what you’ve seen as we’ve been just focusing on what we do so haven’t had time to see any rivalry?

What’s it like working in such a big group? Do you feel like you clash a lot with so many of you working together, or is it better for the creative process?

We never clash, we’re a family. That’s one of the best things is how we get on so well with each other. To be out on the road and around each other so much, to be able to laugh and joke and get on so well is a blessing. There are no ego’s in the group and we all support each other within the group and on our solo projects.

How do you balance your individual solo careers with the success of the group?

That’s easy, we just love music, we love Drum & Bass so when you enjoy something, its not hard to find a way to make things work.

You’ve played at some of the biggest events around the world, and are set to play at the first ever Shockout this February – what can we expect to see from you there?

You’ll just have to be there to witness what will happen. Expect new music from us and we’re always discussing ways to make the show bigger and better.

Where would you most like to play together in the future?

We love playing music to people whom love to party. So anywhere there’s a great vibe, nice sound system and great people, that’s where you’ll find us plotted in there somewhere haha

Catch SASASAS headlining Stage 3 alongside the rest of this stellar lineup this month!


More info & tickets here


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