Working out of her home studio in Illinois, USA, Sarah Schonert has just released her third album, ‘Penguin Party’. Hanging up her guitar in exchange for a keyboard, this album highlights an experimental new side to the artist with a variety of interesting, imaginative soundscapes that have left us absolutely enraptured.

With roots in classical piano, Sarah’s creative spirit really flows throughout the entirety of the album, each track offering something different and yet still distinctly her own.

The opening track, ‘Astound Me’, offers whimsical production that manages to be minimal while still completely engaging. Sarah’s vocals add a warmth that is incredibly alluring, perfectly setting the scene for what’s to come from the rest of the album.

‘Tree With Feet’ offers a twinkling, delicate soundscape that is upbeat and charming. Sarah’s vocals enter with more strength on this one, but the simple elegance of the production still shines through. Organic piano pairs with more experimental sounds for a totally unique package that we absolutely adore.

Another favourite on the album, the self-titled ‘Penguin Party’, offers a rather bizarre intro that is sure to grab your attention, with an array of at first peculiar noises that slowly come together and paint the bigger picture that is the track. Quirky in all the best ways, we love how fun and playful both the instruments and arrangement are, again flawlessly harmonizing both organic and electronic sounds.

Closing off the album, ‘Get Thee to a Nunnery’ is a gentle track with a swaying beat and soothing vocals. Again highlighting the diversity in production as well as her songstress ability, the track provides the perfect ending to ‘Penguin Party’. Elegant, intriguing, and incredibly charming, we can’t wait to hear more from Sarah Schonert.

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