Argentinian producer Said brings the heat with a new EP on our own MA Records

Collaborating with a whole host of other Argentinian artists, Said showcases some of South America’s hardest sounds, perhaps a sign that the bass music from the region is poised to take over the world!

‘Let’s Kill’ is a solid start to the EP. Starting cinematically and building up to a punchy, straight firing beat that acts as an excellent demonstration of how comfortable Said and From Zero are in producing beats. The vocal “Hit me with that” is creatively chopped in and out of the drop, a strong introduction for the EP.

Using classic Windows startup sound and the bleep from FL studio, perhaps we get a tiny glimpse into a day in the life of Said, in the second track on the EP, ‘Back Again’. The track features yet another strong build up leading to a different style of drop from the EP’s opening. Said and XLAB’s production skills are on full show here for a heavy scaling drop with gnarly growls and drums to die for. We recommend you stay for the second drop for this one.

In the next track ‘Low’, the main attraction is a wicked lead synth that brings a dubstep influence to what is first a hard pumping drumstep track that promptly rises to a drum and bass track for the second drop. It’s always wicked to see an artist switch up the tempo of their two drops.

With a neat use of percussion and sub-bass in the intro ‘Abducted’ (featuring MadRats) is one of the EP’s main highlights. It’s a stunningly unique drop which uses a fast lead and a beautifully punchy snare. It smartly uses small breaks in the sound for extra impact and the use of yet more percussion that skillfully dances around the drop.

Said and Glitter Soda’s ‘Slice’ stands out in the EP as a track that takes a good level of creative risk. From the varying beats throughout the drops to the dizzying lead we love to hear this kind of almost-mad sound in a six track EP such as this, it makes us grin every time we hear it.

To round off the release XOVOX injects his style of beat into the EP. ‘Freak’ is a powerful ending to the EP with a  rhythm that would sound incredible played in any nightclub.

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