We got the chance to sit down with MA’s own Rob Gasser to ask him a bit about his recent release on the label, as well as advice for aspiring producers and what to expect from Rob in the future

It’s an absolute pleasure to have you with us today Rob how has your day been?

Not bad, got home from college (I currently am doing a degree in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute) just now and now I’m answering questions haha!

‘Antimatter’ is a fantastic addition to MA’s arsenal, could you tell us a little about the writing behind it? Where did you get your influence from?

The idea behind ‘Antimatter’ was basically to fuse DnB rhythm elements with this trappy sound I’ve got going on lately, and so the concept was made! I took alot of influences from neurofunk-ish tunes (the intro) and for the lead I went for that typical thick lead I use.

You’ve certainly done well with your releases on MA, is there any advice you have to give to other young producers trying to make a name for themselves?

Socialize, get out there & keep making music is what I’d say.

We’ve seen recently you have a track cooking up with Chime and Brig, is there anything you can share with us about that?

All I can say is that it’s dropping very soon! 😉

You’re a talented producer who can work magic with a number of different genre’s, is there any specific genre you prefer producing over others?

Lately I’ve been more comfortable in the 150-170bpm range again, though I’ve also been doing some slower tempos like 100bpm, I do think I could make an electro/breakbeat-y track again soon though.

You recently brought out your track ‘Listen’ as a free download, have you got any plans for more free releases like this over the year?

We’ll see! I like to do free releases spontaneously usually, though I will try to plan some more free releases this year.

Reboot was another one of your features in the past couple of months and you’ve used a few 8-bit like sounds in ‘Adrenaline’, is there any particular game that influenced these?

I don’t really get influenced by any game in particular, I just like the chiptune aesthetic in music in general. There are so many great chiptune soundtracks out there from great video games (Ducktales for example) AND individual composers, I just love the concept of creating beautiful melodies and soundscapes using the simplest sounds.

If you had the chance to produce a gaming soundtrack yourself, what sort of game would you be interested in?

I would definitely love to write a game soundtrack for a fighting game or a racing game. Perhaps even a RPG would be fun!

Speaking of games, we see you’re a fan of the Game Grumps! Who’s your favourite? We love Arin!

Honestly, both Arin and Dan are precious people, I can’t pick a favorite! They both got their qualities so I love them both equally, though I must say I love Danny’s laughs more 😛

Thank you very much for your time Rob and it’s been a pleasure speaking with you! Really looking forward to what you’ve got coming up in 2017, hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you for interviewing me!

Antimatter is available now on Beatport

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