Riya’s forthcoming ‘Hurt Heals’ EP further cements a groundbreaking reputation which has been years in the making. After being crowned queen of drum & bass at the 2014 and 2015 Drum & Bass Arena Awards and stretching her vocals across a wide variety of genres, she’s collaborated with dance music heavyweights such as Roska, Skream, Von D and Maverick Soul whilst still looking to build on this impressive career path. That’s because Riya is an artist in the truest sense, becoming an icon behind the decks as well as in the studio, with releases on some of drum & bass’ most definitive imprints.

From her critically acclaimed LP on Spearhead, to releases on Critical Music, Metalheadz, Soul:r, Shogun and Digital Soundboy, she’s continued to showcase her talents as a multi-faceted icon. And for her next output, she once again joins the roster of Total Science’s legendary CIA Records, adding to an already stellar back catalogue of music.

‘Used 2 Be’ brings Random Movement on board for a more understated record, breathing life through its glaring instrumentals. With a glimmering intro, soothing vibes protrude out our speakers as soulful vocals slowly build up. Both Riya and Random Movement’s passion exudes through the track, making it stand out as a true piece of liquid gold.

Out tomorrow on CIA Records

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