Out last Friday on Kannibalen Records, Riot Ten is back with a heavy new dubstep single

Imagine your favourite Riot Ten track, and now imagine it on steroids. ‘Headbusta’ is everything we love about the producer and then some, combining his signature heavy bass with a hip-hop flair. Featuring the lyrical genius of Milano the Don, ‘Headbusta’ is one serious weapon of a tune.

Opening with an instantly ominous vibe, things are heavy from the get go. Sirens play in the background, warning of the damage to come. Milano the Don delivers bar after bar, fueling the adrenaline leading up to the drop. There’s a strong apocalyptic vibe to the track, enforced to the max with one seriously insane drop.

An absolute annihilation, hard hitting bass floods out our speakers and destroys everything in its path. A brief ‘Mario’ sample leaves us grinning momentarily, but rest assured this track is nothing but pure destruction. We thought the first drop was madness, but the second one somehow manages to deliver an even heavier dose of bass and chaos – Riot Ten has really outdone himself with this one.

Following the madness, things quiet down briefly and the focus switches to Milano the Don’s vocals. There’s still a really ominous, foreboding feel to the track, and we know things are about to get crazy again. Another chaotic drop hits full force before things wind down once again and the track comes to an end.

High energy from start to finish and with some seriously spectacular drops, we’ll be sure to have this one on repeat for a while. ‘Headbusta’ is a more than appropriate name for this weapon, and we can’t wait to hear this one played out live – we know people are going to lose their s**t over this one.

‘Headbusta’ is available as a free download from Kannibalen Records 


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