With the release of his long-awaited comeback album ‘In From the Cold’ out today, we wanted to catch up with Kove and see what he’s been up to in the lead up to this release

It’s great to have you with us today – what have you been up to since your last release?

Hi there! I’ve been burrowed away for the most of the year in my studio! I’d decided to put kove on the backburner for a while, as i’d become fairly jaded with the project and felt i’d lost my direction. So instead i’ve been doing a fair amount of songwriting and production for other people, that sort of thing. It’s always good to stretch your musical muscles so it was a welcome change, however now my head is very much back in Drum and Bass!

Your upcoming ‘In From the Cold’ EP is truly remarkable – can you tell us a little bit about the album?

Thank you. It all came about in a fairly organic way. I had a friend of mine over to record some voiceovers and he began adlibbing the vocal line from ‘Ain’t No Love’ randomly. I got him to record it and that tune was born. Risky at DNBA got wind of it and wanted to sign it. The creative floodgates opened and I had the rest of the E.P written and wrapped up in a couple of months. I really wanted to draw on the sounds that got me into DnB in the first place, simple, melodic dancefloor tunes.

As a comeback release, what statement were you trying to make about the future of Kove?

I wanted it to reflect where i am musically at the moment, really back into my DnB. I felt it was important to get inspiration from what got me into the genre in the first place, so there’s a lot of old school flavours in there. It’s been a lot of fun to make!

You’ve been releasing music for half a decade, and on some of the biggest labels in the game – how would you say the scene has changed over the years?

The way the business is structured has probably been the biggest change in my opinion, there’s so many more ways to release music now than when I started out. With the advent of platforms such as AWAL where you’re essentially partnering with a distribution company, you can quite easily self release a tune or an E.P now totally on your own and with a limited budget. That’s such a change from 5 or so years ago when it was still very much an album/A&R orientated industry. There’s also been a lot of artists setting up their own labels. Its diversifying the scene even more which can only be seen as a good thing.

And how did your own career change after the success of ‘The Way We Are’?

When I wrote tunes like ‘Way We Are’ we were just catching a vibe in the studio, and then it snowballed from there. I’d released a couple of house tunes but it wasn’t my main focus, but after ‘Way We Are’ blew up i found myself playing a lot of shows where the audience was expecting that sort of music rather than the DnB i was used to. Of course i enjoyed the trappings that came with the slight success of that record, but when you set out down one road and find yourself being shepherded down another, it can feel a little unrewarding.

You’ve made tunes that have been defined as ‘accessible’, as well as music much more ‘underground’ – can you talk to us a little bit about the difference? Do you set out to produce tunes directed at a certain audience before you begin writing them, or does it just sort of happen of its own accord?

I’d never really set out to make tunes that could be defined as accessible. The problem is of course is once you’ve made that leap into the mainstream it’s very hard to come back, plus you have the pressure of the labels wanting you to repeat that commercial success so you end up writing more and more ‘accessible’ tunes. From a creative standpoint though, i think if you set out to write a tune specifically for the radio then you’ll probably get nowhere, instead it’s better to just write what you’re feeling in the moment.

And finally, if you were trapped on a desert island with only one album, what would it be and why?

Haha, tricky one. I think i’d probably take Master Of Puppets as i know it so thoroughly, then try and slip a Fourplay smooth jazz album for the more chilled times..

Thanks so much for chatting with us today, and can’t wait to hear what’s next from Kove!

You can grab your copy of Kove’s new album here 

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