Earlier in the year, we decided to refine our business processes to try and optimise the amount of time we spent on daily tasks. For any artist or record label, these processes can take up the vast majority of your time, instead of being creative or working on other areas of the business. Instead, you are manually flicking posts live, uploading assets and pestering that one guy on messenger that is always late to flick the button.

MA Music found a solution around all of these issues by putting all of the problems in to the same box and closing the lid. The solution was simply to use Reschedule.it. The platform enables us to add multiple soundclouds to just one account, as well as allowing us to schedule our reposts on SoundCloud so that we don’t have to manually flick them on ourselves. Don’t want them reposted anymore? It takes them off when you ask it to.

Reschedule.It also enables us to curate our Spotify Playlists with ease and to schedule tracks to go into them without us having to manually edit, copy and swap in and out tracks. Not only does it do this, it can order the tracks specifically how you tell it – all wrapped together with a lovely calendar view for the ease of seeing where all the posts are going out.

Simply put, by using this tool it saves us hours each week. These hours can then be poured back in to MA Music instead of sitting there frustrated and annoyed that you could be more productive.

Reschedule.It launched last week. Check them out here

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