ReauBeau is back and releases ‘Rockin’ on our very own MA Records

We pleasantly welcome back ReauBeau with his newest Future Bass masterpiece ‘Rockin’ being released on our label. ReauBeau, coming from the Netherlands, was previously featured on our channel with the insanely good track ‘My World’, featuring Bo Boom & André. His newest track certainly delivers and does not disappoint one bit!

We’ve been a big fan of ReauBeau’s work for some time now and we are delighted to finally be able to release a track of his on our label. This is honestly such a masterpiece that has genuinely blown us all away here at MA. The diversity and creativity heard throughout this track is both pleasing and enjoyable.

ReauBeau has taken the Future Bass scene by storm over the past while, constantly upping the ante with each release so far! Reaubeau’s ‘Rockin’ is such a unique and creative track and it stood out from the crowd so much so, that we had to release it. It brings with it style, class, creativity and insanely good production value.

The song begins with a chord-like synth and a pleasant arpeggiated chiptune sound. This really shows us how creative ReauBeau can be, blending the old with the new. The song has a nice twist to it, the drum beat doesn’t actually kick in until the drop which is quite unusual. There is some melodic percussion added in for effect which definitely helps add uniqueness to the track.

The track really does have a ‘rockin’ feel to it. Whatever way the producer has crafted this track, the main bass has a rockin’ feel to it. It almost resembles a heavily distorted bass guitar like heard on Royal Blood’s music. This shows us how complex and unique this track really is!

We’ve really been stunned by the quality of music that has been sent to us over the past few months. We are so glad to have the opportunity to release this track and can’t wait to hear what’s next from ReauBeau!

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