Ray Volpe has become a force to be reckoned with in the bass music scene recently so we caught up with Ray Volpe ahead of his upcoming ‘Bipolar’ release and got all the details from the man himself. He also blessed us with an exclusive guest mix full of unreleased and upcoming content for your listening pleasure.

Ray Volpe is a name we are seeing a lot of at the moment. For those who don’t know – who are you? Where does your unique style come from?

Honestly I’m just some 19 year old that sits in his room making trap & dubstep all day. I make tons of different genres but I’m probably most known for the brosteppy stuff or as of recent years, the vocal trap stuff. OH and I’m a huge fan of Smartwater and Chick-Fil-A’s Polynesian sauce. You could also potentially know me from my side gig as the leader of the official Tisoki Hate Club.

Is there anyone in particular who influenced you or did it come from experimenting with different sounds? 

I never really know how to properly answer this honestly. I’m influenced by so many people and so many different things. I’m definitely motivated by all of my friends, I love them all to death and they’re all very talented. The artists that really got me interested in producing in the first place though would have to be Skrillex and Big Chocolate. I loved everything they were making at the time. That was all the way back in 2010.

When it comes to my ‘sound’, or whatever, I pretty much experimented a ton on my own. I notice that there’s been tons of new packs and tutorials and such out for new producers and they’re all definitely great tools but that’s not really for me. I’ve always been the type of guy to just mess around in Serum or Massive by myself until something sounded weird/nice. Fun fact: A good 60% of my patches were made accidentally.

Your ‘Thrift Shop’ remix shot you into the spotlight from early on. What made you decide to remix this track? 

Oh boy, *laughs*. Back in 2012 I was in my friends car skipping through radio stations when I stumbled across it. I’ve heard bits and pieces a few times by then but never knew who it was / what it was called. I thought it was catchy so I ended up going home and looking it up. 3-5 hours later I had this really mediocre (at least in my opinion) bootleg that somehow just threw me right onto the radar. I don’t regret remixing it by any means but it’s definitely something that I am happy about dying out.

So you’ve just announced your ‘Bipolar’ EP – tell us about it. Is there a story behind it? 

Bipolar has been around for a long time. I’ve had the tracks sitting collectively since at least winter last year. The title track itself might be the newest one. It’s actually the first time I properly sing on one of my own songs (excluding Love Lane since that was all pitched up). I’ll keep the other tracks on the release a surprise though 😉

When can we expect this to drop? 

I’ll be rolling this out weekly starting July 12th. The next 5 weeks will be EP Season :):

Have you had a good reaction to the EP so far?

So far I’ve only sent it out to a couple of close friends (S/O QUEST, PRXZM, Tisoki, Tucker Kreway, WAVEDASH, etc) and they all loved it which makes me really happy. They motivate me and influence me everyday. People have been asking for more dubstep for a while now and I think this is a perfect answer to that.

You have very kindly provided us with a guest mix with a couple tracks off the upcoming EP. What other goodies are in this mix?  You got a tracklist?

  1. Ray Volpe – Bermuda *
  2. Tucker Kreway – ID *
    w/ Ray Volpe – Love Lane ft. Yung Fusion (Acapella)
  3. Krys Talk – ID *
  4. Snails & Dion Timmer – ID *
  5. Soltan – ID *
    w/ Zomboy – Like A Bitch
  6. ID – ID *
  7. Ray Volpe & Tucker Kreway – Better *
  8. Panda Eyes – ID *
  9. Getter & Adair – Blood ft. Georgia Ku
  10. MYLK – Let You Go (Andromulus Remix)
  11. Kill The Noise – Without A Trace ft. Stalking Gia (Kill The Noise & Virtual Riot Remix)
  12. Ray Volpe – On The Run VIP *
  13. QUEST – ID *
  14. Adair & ESQ – ID *
  15. Tisoki & Boy Kid Cloud – What Are They (Tisoki VIP) *
  16. Monxx & Stabby – Swamp Stomp
  17. Stabby & Adair – City Of Gods
  18. Bevild – Wanna
  19. Ray Volpe – Make Me Feel *
  20. Ray Volpe – Make Me Feel (Tisoki VIP) *
  21. Bro Safari – Follow (Zomboy Remix)
  22. Karetus – Wall of Love ft. Diogo Piçarra (Ray Volpe Remix) *

* denotes unreleased track

What’s next for the future of Ray Volpe? Can we expect an album next year maybe?

I think I’ll definitely do an album next year. It all depends, really. I also want to get back into playing shows soon. Otherwise, I have a bunch of remixes and other singles that didn’t fit the EP that’ll definitely end up coming out.

Finally, what is the highlight of your career been so far? Surely it had to be Excision playing your stuff out?

Excision playing my stuff out was definitely a huge accomplishment. But since then I’ve somehow gotten supported by both Dillon Francis and Porter Robinson, so they’re probably the biggest names if we’re talking about support.

Outside of that though I’m not really sure I’d say my biggest accomplishment would be the fact that I’m able to put out such a variety of styles of music and having my fans react well to all of it. I didn’t expect them to like Love Lane nor Home, and both did really well. I’ve got some exciting things in the works that might top all of this but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

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