Spooky, ominous, and exceptionally heavy, ‘Heresy’ is the new EP from Pythius featuring 5 legendary collabs

Young producer Pythius has been making waves ever since his ‘Abandon’ EP debut on Blackout Records back in 2014. Since then, he hasn’t stopped creating explosive drum and bass, leaving us hugely excited for his forthcoming ‘Heresy’ EP, which drops on August 26.

To announce his latest EP, Pythius released the Signs edit of his tune ‘Driveyard’ just over two weeks ago, and it’s been non-stop hype ever since. The tune opens on a dark note and instantly creates a pretty eerie ambience. And that vocal sample definitely gives us the chills! The build-up is slow which adds to that ominous suspense, but then the bass kicks in and we’re blown away.

A heavy, dark drum and bass tune, you can see why we’re so excited for more new Pythius. While the original dropped late last year, Signs’ edit has created a refreshing new take on the track that has us excited all over again. This track delivers on bass, atmosphere, and creativity, and is full of that dark energy we’ve come to love from Pythius. And while the Signs’ edit has been enough to keep us going, we’re ready to hear the 5 new tracks on the soon to be released ‘Heresy’ EP.

The first track is a collaboration with Blackout Records’ founder, Black Sun Empire, and shares a name with the EP itself. Opening with some pretty eerie vibes, the melody that starts to build up has a certain cinematic quality to it – we imagine it being used in some old sci-fi horror film.

While the intro is slow and focuses on building that ominous atmosphere, the energy quickly kicks in just after the first minute with that killer drum and bass beat. The tune is insanely catchy and guaranteed to get you moving. You can hear the two artists’ distinct sounds coming together to create what is a true drum and bass masterpiece.

We love the spooky melodies and the atmosphere they create almost as much as we love the heavy bass in ‘Heresy’. It’s not often that we find drum and bass tracks that are so immersive, but the way Pythius and Black Sun Empire have manipulated sound to create such an engrossing sound transports us to another world for a short 5 minutes.


Pythius, courtesy of YourEDM

The second track, ‘Corrosive’, is a collaboration with DJ Hidden, and continues with those spooky vibes. That familiar drum and bass beat kicks in pretty quickly, but then things shift to a more suspenseful soundscape. The build-up is really unique and has some old school sci-fi vibes, and that laser-beam-infused melody continues into the drop which creates a really unique sound.

Pythius and DJ Hidden have again created a really unique, immersive soundscape that is sinister and suspenseful. There’s a lot of different sounds layered on top of each other which creates a lot of depth in the track, but the producers also play with the silence at times to add to that sense of suspense.

Halfway through the second minute, things break down in a really unusual way with sounds that can only be described as futuristic-acoustic. We can’t say we’ve ever heard anything else quite like it before! Both producers have really blown us away with this one, and we’re only two tracks into ‘Heresy’ EP.

‘Warlock’ is the third track on the EP, a collaboration with Khronos. The intro is still pretty eerie, but feels a lot lighter than the previous two tracks. We imagine ourselves surrounded by fog, gazing at some alien spaceship just before we’re abducted. The melody definitely delivers on those sci-fi vibes, and the drop is heavy in a rather inexplicable way.

We love the neuro/tech vibes in Pythius’ signature drum and bass sound, and paired with Khronos’ production you get the intricate, extra-terrestrial tune that is ‘Warlock’. It isn’t often that drum and bass tells a story, but ‘Warlock’, alongside the rest of the songs on ‘Heresy’, definitely does. Pythius has a unique way of inspiring us with his sounds, part of what makes him such a talented producer in our eyes.

The penultimate track on the EP is ‘Tarkin’, another spooky track that has us on the edge of our seat. The beat is slow and the distant vocal samples definitely give us goosebumps, and our mind is creating all sorts of post-apocalyptic horror stories. The energy is really high once that familiar drum and bass beat kicks in, but ‘Tarkin’ is still full of spooky vibes aplenty.

We’re not sure if ‘Tarkin’ is a subtle Star Wars reference (although we’re pretty sure it is), but we definitely get strong sci-fi vibes off it either way (Tarkin being perhaps one of the most formidable villains in the franchise). The track is a really unique blend of dark, heavy bass and high energy melodies, but it definitely has us feeling hyped!

The last track on what has been a truly epic EP is ‘Dirty Money’, a collaboration with State of Mind. With a bold opening, we get more of those cinematic vibes that call us to adventure right off the bat. The drums are really distinct under that portentous melody and adds a human touch to the song.

The build-up is really high energy, and goes right into a really catchy drum and bass beat. We definitely had to get up from our desk to skank a little bit after hearing this one. The distorted vocal adds to the apocalyptic feel of the track, especially paired with what sounds like broken robot noises scattered throughout.

‘Dirty Money’ may just be our favourite track on the album, but Pythius definitely doesn’t make it easy to choose. With 5 insane collabs to boast, ‘Heresy’ EP definitely lives up to the hype, and then some. Full of dark, ominous vibes from start to finish while still maintaining high energy levels, we find ourselves falling even more in love with Pythius’ signature sound.

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