Prismatic proves he’s a name to watch with latest release on MA Records

John Schmulowitz, otherwise known as Prismatic, has just released a brand new 4-track EP on our own MA Records. Featuring collaborations with DELTAnine & Dubscribe, this is definitely one of our biggest releases to date.

The opening track, giving the EP its name, wastes absolutely no time showing us heat this EP brings. The track opens with a fast-paced, tribal drum pattern underneath retro melodies, but we’re hit with the first drop less than 30 seconds in. Prismatic takes us from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds, and it takes us a few seconds to process what is happening, but we love it. Despite all the chaos, Prismatic still manages to highlight his sharp production skills, layering sounds intricately and creating something quite unlike anything we’ve encountered before.

We definitely hear a slight Zomboy influence on this first track from the chilling, apocalyptic melodies that warn of impending doom in between drops. Each drop hits harder than the last, an artillery of bass that sends shivers down our spines. We spend all day listening to bass music here at MA, but trust us when we say this one really stands out.

The second track on the EP features Dubscribe and is aptly titled ‘Shredder’. Opening with a strong, electric guitar riff, the energy is high right from the get go. The power of the guitar translates incredibly well in the track, adding a new dimension of sound that is unique and hard-hitting. Serving another dose of properly heavy bass, we’re again in awe at both producers’ technical skills.

Halfway into the second minute, a new melody is introduced that carries retro-kawaii-space vibes, giving us the perfect cooldown period between drops. That powerful guitar is still present throughout, but Prismatic and Dubscribe have managed to create what feels like an entirely different soundscape seamlessly. Blending together the harshness of the guitar and bass with that more melodic sound, the result is a track that is as creative as it is catchy.

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The third and penultimate track on this massive EP is ‘Empathy’, showing us a slightly gentler side of Prismatic’s production – at least with the intro. Opening with a piano driven melody that is bright and bubbly, the feel-good vibes flood out our speakers and instantly have us smiling. Not long after, Prismatic breaks down into another insanely filthy drop full of lasers beams and robot noises – less chaotic than some of the other drops, each sound is giving the right amount of clarity in the track, giving us crisp, clean production that really shows off his sound design.

In between drops, we get to hear more of Prismatic’s upbeat side with that infectious melody – the melody at the end of the second minute is reminiscent of if Zomboy & Doctor P had a baby. There’s a real groovy feel to the second drop on the track, and we can’t help but get up and dance a little.

Finishing up this incredible EP is a collaboration with DELTAnine, ‘Droid’. Opening with some seriously eerie vibes, the atmosphere is daunting and ominous – Prismatic & DELTAnine definitely have us on the edge of our seat with this one. The drop hits with yet more ridiculously heavy bass amidst retro sci-fi samples and sounds unlike any we’ve ever heard before, and the result is something seriously filthy.

While the track is lower in energy than the rest of the album, it definitely makes for a good closing tune. The spooky vibes are constant from start to finish, and we find ourselves completely immersed in the unique soundscape created. This is the kind of track that demands your full attention, and definitely lets your imagination run wild! The perfect ending to a perfect EP, ‘Droid’ leaves us wanting more from Prismatic!

You can grab your copy of ‘Marathon’ here

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