Following hot on the heels of recent club smash ‘Gargantua’ and last month’s hybrid collaboration ‘Stay’ with Dirty Audio and Monstercat, Delta Heavy unveil their latest single ‘Nobody But You, with Stonebank giving it the remix treatment

Featuring the emotive vocals of Jem Cooke, the versatile duo show off new indie rock influences and blend shimmering synths, euphoric guitars and their trademark hi-octane drums to anthemic effect.

Adding to the single is its Stonebank’s remix, which switches the tempo and pads itself out with steppy laters of bass whilst still peddling its exhilarated vibe. Delta Heavy brought the British producer on board for his rendition after Stonebank rose to notoriety through his breakout single ‘Stronger’ and releases on Monstercat. The record dropped days before the world debut of their Paradise Lost club night at London’s Electric Brixton, the first of many more to be announced across the globe and its remix follows closely in its wake.

The remix offers a fresh take on the already surmountable single, both with the change in genre and overall atmosphere without losing the emotiveness of the original. Stonebank manages to deliver a completely new sound to the track while still maintaining a certain element of familiarity, which is exactly what we think a remix should do.

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