Get with the Program: Aperio is making waves with brand new single ‘Grey to Blue’ on the legendary Ram Record’s sister label, Program, out 25th August

Featuring the stunning vocals of Jorgie, this gentle liquid track proves exactly why the artist was sought out by one of the most successful underground imprints in drum & bass. Gorgeous piano pairs with dashing percussion, effortlessly flowing from beginning to end. Jorgie’s vocals add a warmth and elegance to the production, leading to a track that is both soothing and graceful.

‘Grey to Blue’ takes us to sunsets on the beach, managing to recreate that same calming feeling you get from watching the continuous movement of wave after wave in an ocean expanse, captivating the listener from start to finish.

Showcasing the diversity of Program’s label, Aperio has created a track with a much welcome softer palette, and we find ourselves falling in love with this talented young producer. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from both Aperio and Program!


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