The new EP from Ponicz is some of the heaviest bass music we have EVER heard

English producer Ponicz has been making a name for himself over the past couple years, and has definitely blown us away with his latest release on Never Say Die’s famous Black Label. ‘Technicolour’ is out July 18, and you’re not going to want to sleep on this one.

The title track starts off with a post-apocalyptic sounding warning, and immediately sets the mood for the rest of the album. Dark and sinister, this is already one heavy track. The intro is simple, but allows for a strong emphasis on Ponicz’s unique sounds. The bass hits slow and hard, and the rhythm is nothing short of addicting.

The second sample we hear in ‘Technicolour’ adds a sense of fear and suspense, and we’re definitely on edge. The foreboding vibes carry a certain energy about them that definitely gets us hyped, and we can only imagine the madness this track would create in a live setting. There’s a certain primal feel to this one as well that creates a really raw, coarse energy that we love. Ponicz definitely has our attention, and we’re beyond curious to hear the rest of the EP!

‘Turn Up’ is the second track off the EP, and we can see where it gets the name. Starting off with similarly ominous vibes, we can’t get enough of those dark, distorted lyrics that start to come through. The build-up is short and sweet, but the drop is absolutely mind blowing. This is without a doubt some of the heaviest bass we have EVER heard. There really are no words to describe just how grimy this is, but believe us when we say Ponicz is bringing the filth!

There’s a slight twinkle that comes through all the dirty bass that adds to the sci-fi vibes, and then things slow down again and really push that post-apocalyptic atmosphere. We’re instantly transported to the aftermath of some epic alien attack, struggling to survive in some underground resistance somewhere. Ponicz again masters that really visceral sounding bass that has us going nuts.

The third track, ‘Rippin’, continues the theme of primeval, post-apocalyptic madness and wastes no time getting to that really filthy bass. We definitely hear more of those sci-fi vibes too with the distorted siren effect in the background. The continuity in this album demands it is played through from start to finish, and we love the ongoing theme present in each track. Ponicz has definitely proven himself to be the master of raw, coarse bass music with this EP.

The EP ends with ‘Rowdy’, which starts on a lighter note compared to the rest of the EP, but still with those ominous vibes. There’s a strong energy in the vocal samples, and we can’t help but feel a little bit rowdy ourselves. This track uses some really unique sounds to further those sci-fi vibes, but the slower rhythm definitely helps us cool down after being so riled up by the rest of the EP.

‘Technicolour’ is moshpit-ready from start to finish, and carries such a high, albeit dark energy with it that we can’t get enough of. We love how the album tells a story from start to finish, and creates such a strong atmosphere that we have a hard time pulling ourselves out of the world Ponicz has created. Definitely some of the heaviest dubstep tracks we have heard in a while, this EP is sure to get you riled up, and we can’t wait to hear some of these massive tunes dropped live so we can really let loose!

Pre-order this massive album now, out July 18 on Never Say Die’s Black Label. 


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