Yep, it’s true. We like bass music over here. In fact, we more than like it. We love it. However, we also have an extremely varied taste in music and we feel that people tend to corner themselves into one genre because it’s the cool thing of the moment.

So, what we have for you today is something a bit more relaxing and chilled out by PatrickReza. He has teamed up with the talented vocalist Aubren Elaine to bring us ‘Let U Fall’ which is a wonderfully relaxing Future Bass track full of atmospheres and distant musical elements.

The track was written when PatrickReza was having a hard time, and from experience we know that’s when some of the best stuff is made. There are numerous psychological reasons behind this, but ultimately I think it’s because someones drive to obtain something is so much higher.

We fell in love with ‘Let U Fall’ and simply won’t let the track fall on its knees, simple because it’s incredible.

You can grab this as a free download right now from here.

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