PANG! are very quickly establishing themselves as a go-to artist after a succession of releases that just keep improving time and time again.

Their latest release, ‘Silverscreen’ poses an important question within their own lyrics, “Living your life through a silver screen, is it giving you everything that you need?” So. Are you getting everything you need?

The track is incredible well put-together with lovely percussion and some synths that sound a little bit like they’ve been ripped from an iPhone and put on steroids. Saying that though, the track has this really unique dynamic and feel to it that immediately lifts up.

What’s cool is that way the track comes together and the message they are sending. Making you question and think about things you take for granted and that are “normal”. We’re not normal, and neither is this track. For that, we are grateful.

Make sure you grab this wonderful track from here. 

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