Everyone’s favourite EDM/pop duo The Chainsmokers are back with another instant hit single, ‘The One’

Following their breakthrough single ‘Selfie’ in 2014, The Chainsmokers became a household name for any and all fans of electronic music. Their fame was again boosted with the release of ‘Closer’ last year (which also brought with it some amazing remixes) and then ‘All We Know’ in the fall. But now, the American duo are back with yet another hit, ‘The One’.

Racking up over 18 million plays in two weeks, it’s no wonder this track has taken off. Opening with those heartfelt, alluring vocals we fell in love with in ‘Closer’, the atmosphere is serene and sincere. The instrumentals are gentle, helping carry the vocals without overpowering them, and we’re wrapped in an emblematic warm embrace. With the focus on the vocals, the track has a lot of warmth to it that has us falling head over heels for The Chainsmokers all over again!

The lyrics are universally relatable, allowing everything to create their own emotional connection to the track – one of the greatest gifts music can give! The track picks up in energy and emotion with stronger vocals before introducing a Porter Robinson-esque electronic sound. Everything is still soft and gentle, the subtle electronic influence a perfect accompaniment to the otherwise acoustic vibes of the track.

What stands out to us most about the track is the earnestness of the vocal delivery paired with gentle acoustic beats and a vibrant electric flair towards the end. Sure to be another instant classic, we’re happy to see The Chainsmokers pushing electronic music into the mainstream. Definitely not as heavy as the stuff we usually go for at MA, ‘The One’ is a refreshing new track with that signature emotive sound only The Chainsmokers are capable of.

Buy it now as part of their debut album, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ 

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