Quite a bold statement, considering this guy had 300 likes on Facebook before his EP got announced. So, why is the BEST of the year then? Well, it has everything we love. Crunchy sound design, insane engineering and some wild ideas that come together to work seriously well. As a DJ myself, I had the pleasure of playing this out at a couple of dubstep events in London and can safely say they got some of the biggest crowd reactions of that night.

So, what sort of journey requires you to be able to smash out your first EP on NSD: Black Label then? Perhaps covering the opening of the universal opening might do the trick (with over 4 millions views!!) or maybe just incessantly producing in your bedroom, whilst not taking crap from anyone telling you can’t do it, might also do the trick.

oddprophet’s EP opens with ‘Notorious’. Eerie atmospheres creep in while thunderous percussion clearly sets the tone, with strings building some energy in the buildup. It then switches slightly and then builds back into the drop. A drop we weren’t expecting to sound that big. It’s incredible some of the ideas this guy is bringing through already.

We are then blessed with the ear-destroying ‘Watching Me’ that, while usually annoying and repetitive actually works really well here. The Watching Me gets stuck in your head straight away and the high pitched noise is actually quite a clever dynamic along with the way the rest of the track progresses through.

Next up on his EP is ‘No Fun’. The intro has some noises on it that definitely sound like a cat being strangled (but in a good way? Is that even possible?).  The drop is then completely different to the other tracks with a more open, swung feeling to the drums. The sound design remains on point throughout.

Our personal favourite, ‘Whipped’ again delivers a different style to the EP while remaining within the same sound design. Seriously, oddprophet has outdone himself with this EP. It’s not often every single track is an absolute banger, and Tobias has managed to do just that.

What are you even waiting for then? Go and grab this EP. It is the best EP so far in dubstep this year. End of discussion.

Notorious EP by oddprophet is OUT NOW on NSD: Black Label. 

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