Killbox brings two of RAM Record’s biggest names together to create something unforgettable

A new release from RAM Records is always 100% something to be excited about, and when that new release is the first of a brand new project linking the legendary Ed Rush and Audio together, it is as huge as you’d imagine. Killbox is a brand new project leading from the 2 RAM heavyweights in an aim to bring back the crisp and original sound that made Andy C’s label so prominent, and it’s worked a treat.

First up is ‘Bound to Others’, a spacey track that introduces the new duo perfectly with a selection of heavy bass synths and eerie background build ups. The track begins with an intro that will be remembered forever, leading into an eerie voice-over that warns us, “From womb to tomb, we’re bound to others” and if that doesn’t give you goosebumps, the next part 100% will. The voice is replaced by the whirring of machines and an extremely heavy bass synth that will shake a whole room if the sound system is large enough. It continues to build, getting more and more intense until the all awaited big drop.

The track drops and hits with a phenomenal collection of bass kicks, snare hits and ear-splitting synths: all you need for a monstrous neurofunk masterpiece. It continues to switch up sporadically throughout the track, increasing the snare hits to make the track feel quicker and dropping the drum break to halftime ensuring there is no chance of expecting what comes next. One track in and we have already felt the raw power of these two RAM heavyweights unfold.

Up next and to our full enjoyment is ‘Hype Cycle’, a faster paced and increasingly heavy neurofunk track featuring every production perfection that Ed Rush & Audio have mastered over the years. It begins with a simple tease of the main melody and soft high hats reoccurring throughout, creeping closer to the first drop of the song. Just before it does drop, the background noises and high hats clear out and all you hear is the force of the main synth power the track into the drop and relieve the listener of their wait.

‘Hype Cycle’ is aptly named and it shows from the get go – the track drops into a quick paced drum track made up of beautifully tweaked snare hits and chest pumping bass kicks with a strong bassline underneath each sharp neuro synth in the foreground. Every element of this track is impressive and within only two songs from this EP, the old RAM style is being revived for the modern world.

‘Pitchfork’ is up next on the self-titled ‘Killbox’ EP – this track uses a similar build up as you would expect in any neurofunk classic: eerie background noise, seemingly far away bass synths and a whole collection of what to expect when the track drops. As the vocal tag filters in, slowly the synths get louder and the song gets seemingly more full until it reaches its crescendo.

The drums come in and the glitchy synths surround the listener creating an audible spinning effect. The glitchy, wobbliness of this track puts the listener off balance and yet manages to deliver an underlying sub bass with devastating power. If this level of production is the direction RAM records are heading in for the rest of this year then we are in for a mighty bumpy ride.

Unfortunately like every good thing in this world, it has to come to an end. The final track on this EP is ‘Surge’, a fellow filthy neurofunk force to be reckoned with. The intro includes a message from ‘The Killbox Collective’ and should be heeded above everything else. The track includes light synths and a buildup of background noise that leads to a fantastic drum break just before the drop, rolling everything into one perfect DnB dream.

The drum track is immense, the foreground synths are impressive, the bass is phenomenal and the background fills make the track extra enjoyable. There isn’t much to say about this without physically bowing to Ed Rush and Audio, so we suggest you whack up the volume and have a listen yourself. RAM Records have completely outdone themselves again and we can hardly contain our excitement for the rest of their releases this year!

We have no idea if these two will continue Killbox as a project but we hope for the love of Drum and Bass that they do, that legendary and formidable production from these heavyweights is looking like it could live on for a long time. Let us know what you think of this EP and the Ed Rush and Audio link up!

Download Killbox HERE

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