Neodigital are gearing up to release the second installment of Eurofunk, and it’s definitely something to get excited about

The digital-only sister label to Neosignal, Neodigital have been at the forefront in delivering fresh yet timeless releases. Founded by Phace & Misanthrop, these drum and bass legends strive to bring you the best, and Eurofunk embodies exactly that. Just as the euro finally rises above the pound, debatably so is the European drum & bass scene if this compilation is to be an indication!

Proxima kick off this massive 6-track EP with ‘Derpstep’. This Dutch producer delivers some truly gritty bass in this tune, accompanied by some eerie melodies and peculiar sounds. He spends a lot of time developing rich, full bodied sounds that really tell a story, giving the listener a completely immersive experience. Proxima has a unique history in both drum & bass and dubstep, he has consistently proven to be as versatile as he is talented in his production, and ‘Derpstep’ is certainly no exception.

Following Proxima’s massive tune is a darker tune from Synergy. ‘Rage!’ opens with some seriously blood curdling sounds, and has us hooked from the second we hit play. There’s a serious intricacy to the production of this tune – each sound is crisp and sharp, and sends shivers down our spine. With a background in heavy metal music, this young Belgian producer has shown us the darker side of neurofunk, and we are so in love.

Abstract Elements deliver ‘Ukzur’ as the third track on the EP. This track is full of ominous vibes, and has us on edge from start to finish. With some really creepy vocal samples, ‘Ukzur’ gives us some serious goosebumps. Hailing all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia, Abstract Elements show us yet again that drum & bass is thriving in mainland Europe, and we couldn’t be more impressed. This tune is dark and spooky in all the best ways!

The fourth track on the EP is Lockjaw & Current Value’s ‘Countdown’. Giving us the more playful side of neuro, this track opens on a significantly lighter note than its predecessors, but still packs quite a punch. This track also represents the most international on the compilation, fusing the best Australia and Germany have to offer! You wouldn’t have guessed how far these two producers are from each other though with how flawless their production is.

Another massive collaboration gracing this monumental EP is ‘Technology’, the lovechild of Erb N Dub, Crissy Criss, and Malux. Massive doesn’t even begin to describe this one! This track definitely brings the funk to neurofunk, and has us moving from start to finish. ‘Technology’ is as high energy as neuro can be, and just as catchy. After hearing what these three did to TC’s ‘Next Hype’, we’re definitely excited to see another release from the same three masterminds, and nowhere more suitable than on Eurofunk Vol. 2!

Finishing off this colossal release is a new tune from Signal. Despite only making music for a little over two years, this Dutch producer has blown us away with his recent successes, and this track is no different. ‘Objectify’ is a flawless piece of music with extraordinary craftsmanship, the absolute perfect ending to such a massive EP, and everything we love about the genre.

Neodigital have culminated some of the very best names in drum & bass for their second installment of ‘Eurofunk’, and trust us when we tell you it is absolutely massive. Each artist brings something unique to the table, and the result is a compilation that is as diverse as it is powerful. ‘Eurofunk’ has proven to us once again that drum & bass is thriving outside of the UK by giving us the very best the genre has to offer.

You can pre-order ‘Eurofunk Vol. 2’ now, out November 18th on Neodigital Recordings

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