Janee blends trap together with the power of an orchestra ensemble to give us the new hybrid genre we never knew we needed

Janee, despite keeping the same level of anonymity as Daft Punk, has completely blown us out of the water with this unique and inspiring tune. Without much being known about this mysterious producer, they are certainly making a name for themselves through what they refer to as orchestrap – the name says it all when it comes to defining Janee’s incredibly unique sound.

We never thought to pair the power of an entire orchestra ensemble with trap music, but we sure are glad Janee thought to. Combining warm, organic instrumentals into the more familiar aspects of trap, Janee has created something completely new and innovative, and we are seriously impressed. This kind of creativity is hard to find these days, but Janee delivers without a doubt.

Right away, the track opens with a jovial, orchestra driven melody that is full of warmth and a certain whimsy. There’s a certain youthful vibrancy, creativity oozing out our speakers. Subtle trap flairs are teased throughout the first minute, then we start to hear a strong Daft Punk influence come in to play as well.

A softer piano melody kicks in that is charming and sweet, and packed full of emotion. The organic instruments provide a certain raw realness to the track, the vibes are nothing short of sincere. ‘Lake’ is a truly expressive track, and makes it easy for the listener to apply their own feelings or mood to the track.

‘Lake’ is easily one of the most creative things we have heard in a long while, so we’re excited to share this one with you! Although we wish to know more about this enigmatic producer, something about the mystery of their identity adds character to the track, and if there’s one thing we do know about them, it’s that they are very innovative and incredibly talented.

Grab ‘Lake’ for yourself now, graciously available as a free download

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