Arriving as the newest release off Most Addictive comes the long-awaited NOVA Compilation. This culmination of MA artists features some of our best tracks of 2017. We’ve got artists like Chime, MYLK, IMLAY, Lonemoon, Rob Gasser, Lonemoon, and Sub.Sound all showcasing their best productive pieces on this launch. With a variety of bass, future bass, drum and bass, and glitchop; this collection details the relentless efforts of a multitude of artists with a passion for producing awe-inspiring music. This NOVA release comes just in time for the holidays and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil it for your listening pleasure. We’ve included a little teaser below to kick your emotions into full-gear.

Chime, Desembra, and Tiigers kicks off the NOVA release on “Clockwork”. The track is nothing short of greatness with lush chords and synths that are met by an equally intense and euphoric bass-driven beat. Rob Gasser then ventures into the drum and bass arena with his collaboration featuring Spanish vocalist Miyoki, “Synthetic Heart”. The fast-paced track affirmatively attests to Gasser’s ability to produce any type of music, no matter the genre. Next up is MYLK showcasing her ability to write, sing, and produce on her hit single “Prism”.

Sub.Sound brings us into the world of glitch-hop on his exquisite creation of “Better Place”. Both joyful and passionate, this release comes as standout performance in the glitch-hop scene. Last but not least, Rob Gasser, IMLAY, and Lonemoon display their clean and concise production on “Got It Like”. The ear-warming track is exactly what you need to launch your holiday weekend into full throttle freshness. No matter your cup of tea, we can guarantee that each of these tracks brings its own unique spin to our 2017 NOVA edition. Stay tuned for more releases off Most Addictive.

Listen to the full NOVA edition here

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