6 months ago he dropped MTGFYT…Vol.3 out of nowhere after a 3 year break. Today he did the unthinkable and just dropped one of the biggest dubstep tracks of 2017. 

‘Super Lager’ is the latest from the neuro inspired dubstep producer and we could not be happier. It incorporates everything we love about a track. Funny sound bites, incredibly massive sound design, quirky drum breaks and character.

The track spews it from every orifice and doesn’t touch on old elements to try and stay relevant. This just yanked dubstep straight into 2017. We could tell something like this was going to happen soon after hearing the wonderful Moody Good remix of Get Deaded by Noisia.

So, what’s next for neuro dubstep? Eyes on Moody Good…

Super Lager by Moody Good is OUT NOW as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

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