Monty is back once again, this time with an incredibly unique drum & bass tune

Toulouse based producer Monty has been on a roll recently, with weighty Half Time tracks on Critical Music and Cart Records, as well as some beautifully crafted liquid on the likes of Impact Music and Vandal.  Now the French artist is gracing Noisia’s ‘Invisible’ record label with a delightfully unique Drum and Bass track.

‘Set the Swing’ begins atmospherically, the sound of a heartbeat is swiftly overtaken by a whirring synth and strongly designed drums that carry the listener to the main drop. As the name suggests, the drop has a definite swing-like feeling to it, the lead synth stabs powerfully in and out of the mix without feeling detracting from the track’s impetus. It’s a really fresh track and we eagerly await Monty’s next DnB offering.

‘Set the Swing’ is just one track of 6 on the excellent ‘Outlines 1’ EP.

You can stream/download Outlines 1 here!

Photo courtesy of Nicolas Decout Photographie


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