Drum & bass legends Mob Tactics have just released a VIP of one of their most prolific tunes alongside the new ‘Welcome to Your Nightmare’

‘Get Dirty’ has been a staple in our sets since its release last year, so we were beyond excited to see it getting the VIP treatment. Not only that, but the VIP was released as a two-part single with the brand new tune ‘Welcome to Your Nightmare’.

The ‘Get Dirty’ VIP opens with a reconstruction of the original melody, maintaining the ominous vibes but with a bouncy new twist. Mob Tactics have introduced a new groove to this one, and it definitely rivals the original. Opening with a sinister laugh, the VIP takes a darker, more diverse route than the original while still maintaining an element of familiarity (something we would argue makes for a good VIP).

The original vocals are used, building up ‘Let’s Get Dirty’, and the suspense leading up to the first drop is unreal. There’s a slight glitch feel to the drop – only slightly different than the original, but enough to get us excited. Taking us out of the first drop, we get even more sinister vibes, and the track really starts to take a new direction. That iconic melody, although slightly altered, is still prominent, but the surrounding soundscape gives it a much darker feel.

Towards the end of the third minute, things slow down and a neuro-feeling sound develops. Mob Tactics strip the tune down, then build it back up with a power and presence that makes this an absolute weapon of a tune. Mob Tactics have kept what is so iconic about the tune with that lead melody, but transformed the underlying soundscape, creating a surprisingly different atmosphere to the original but still with that same power.

Following up this massive VIP is the new tune ‘Welcome to Your Nightmare’, featuring Nuklear MC. With another ominous intro, Mob Tactics show us once again that they are the masters of building suspense in their tunes. There’s a glitchy, neuro vibe to the intro, paired with high energy and Nuklear MC’s impeccable flow.

The drop is full of gritty energy, a complex array of sounds pounding out our speakers in chaotic elegance. The underlying synth adds a brightness to the tune, but not enough to overpower the vigorous bass present throughout. The vocals help add to the energy and vitality to the tune, and we can’t wait to hear this one dropped live on a proper sound system.

We love the juxtaposition of the bright, synth-driven melodies against the more turbulent bass – a unique sound that really speaks volumes of Mob Tactic’s production skills. But what really fuels the tune is the frenzied drums – chaotic and powerful, our hearts are pounding! Another absolute weapon of a tune, Mob Tactics have left us impressed once again.

Grab these two new tracks from Mob Tactics here 

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