MKLY shows us his true potential with this amazing remix of Eternal

MKLY has recently dropped a new melodic remix of Royale’s track ‘Eternal’. The track has a very nice feel to it. Having lots of elements changing and varying throughout with beautiful uses of leads and pads.

MKLY is a producer from Cape Town South Africa and we were honored to have featured this on our channel recently. MKLY previously releasing under “Mike Kelly”, has had limited success throughout the past number of years but we think this is all about to change! His newest track is really something special. We genuinely think this guy has a lot of potential for the future. He will definitely be one to look out for based upon the production quality shown here.

Royale is a production duo comprised of Peter Farr and vocalist Annie Jacobsen. The original to the track is also quite nice and is very enjoyable but we thing MKLY has done this track great justice with his remix. We have to compliment how fitting the simplistic vocals are in this amazing remix. She did an amazing job on this in our opinion.

This song is incredibly melodic and has an atmospheric and powerful feeling throughout. In a way, it’s almost trance-like. The song itself has a house/ garage feel to it. The variety of elements in this is one of the things that really stood out to us.

All in all, this is a fantastic piece of work and we look forward to hearing what’s next from both Royale and  MKLY. We think both of these acts have a huge amount of potential for the future.

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