New on RAM Records today and with an exclusive MA premiere is the new track from Mind Vortex

This upbeat drum & bass tune opens with a chiptune infused melody that is reminiscent of Fox Stevenson in a lot of ways. The energy is high and vibrant, and Mind Vortex have us instantly hooked! Things slow down a bit after the first thirty seconds, making way for a more dramatic melody before bouncing right back into those bubbly vibes.

There’s a really cool contrast created from those deep, cinematic sounds against the 8-bit sounds, and then when those vocals kick in it really turns things up a notch! ‘The Day After’ is a track with a really strong character and presence, filling the room with a unique and addictive ambience.

The vocals add a playful quality to the tune, singing innocently over those slightly darker vibes that begin to develop. Despite the change in ambience as the track progresses, the energy is never lost – Mind Vortex maintain that upbeat, drum and bass sound from start to finish.

Things start to get intense again halfway through as the track quiets down a bit, allowing for Mind Vortex to slowly layer each sound back up until we’re hit with another bouncy melody full blast. The way the sounds are playfully layered on top of each other gives the track a real sense of depth, and really goes to show the high level of skill involved.

‘The Day After’ is the kind of track we could listen to at any time of night or day, starting the night off with high energy but also ending the night on a positive note. A really dynamic tune with a lot of unique sounds coming in to play, Mind Vortex have really impressed us with this one, and we can’t wait to hear more from the duo!

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