‘Feel So Down’ is the newest track from Miles Away, a unique fusion of genres with a pretty powerful end result

Combining vintage, blues style vocals with stunning melodies and hard-hitting trap drops, ‘Feel So Down’ is a pretty unique tune. Miles Away have perfectly captured the emotion and intensity of blues music, but with a positive twist. Merging the old with the new, the result is a pretty powerful combination of sounds that we know you’re going to love.

The track opens with a gentle piano-driven melody that sweeps us off our feet. Those blues vocals kick in right away, filling the room with that raw emotion trademark of the genre. We also hear a strong trap influence present from the beginning – Miles Away waste no time in showing us their unique sound and we love it!

The drop is a colourful chaos of sound, woven together beautifully and filling us with feel good vibes. The warmth of the vocals is matched with the bright energy of the sounds flowing out our speakers, captivating and dreamlike.

The melodies created are absolutely stunning, adding a luxurious element to the track. And that trap influence really gives the track a unique burst of energy, keeping our spirits high from start to finish. We get some future bass vibes off this one as well, but it’s nearly impossible to categorize this track into any one genre.

‘Feels So Down’ offers a really refreshing take on bass music, and we knew we had to feature it the second we heard it. We love a good hybrid track at MA, and this is hybrid unlike we’ve ever heard before. The energy of the track is so enchanting, and we love how Miles Away have managed to capture the emotion of blues music but with such a positive spin.

You can grab ‘Feels So Down’ now, available for free download

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