Midnight Tyrannosaurus has been on a rampage recently. After releasing the ridiculously huge ‘Jurassic’ with Megalodon and the long-awaited Pt. 2 of Planet Purge – what else could we ask for? Well, this is what we could ask for. Another one of the tracks we’ve been anxiously waiting for and it’s being given away for free!

Subtronics joins Midnight T on ‘Revenge Of The Goldfish’ in what is probably one of our favourite drops of the year so far. The introduction is quite lengthy in terms of dubstep production, but that’s one thing that stands out to us with Midnight T’s style. We love the story-telling that’s constantly going on within his music and the eerie and bold atmospheres that strike out to us from every track.

The added style and flow, with the addition of his signature sounds, really glues the track together and we can tell the two really vibed out when making the track. There’s nothing better than hearing a track the producer themselves loves making, as it really translates into the energy given out by the track itself.

‘Revenge Of The Goldfish’ by Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Subtronics is OUT NOW on NSD:Black Label as a FREE DOWNLOAD

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