Metrik revitalizes this 80s inspired dance tune with new drum & bass remix

Metrik is a staple name in drum & bass, signed to Hospital in 2012 and producing for an entire decade. With his latest release being a remix of Bobby Tank’s ‘Catalyze’, the esteemed producer has impressed us yet again with this energetic tune.

With strong 80s vibes and a bubbly and buoyant atmosphere, the track is upbeat and positive from the moment we press play – perfect listening for summer right around the corner. The track opens with distorted vocals of the original over a vibrant melody, full of feel good vibes. Metrik allows the original vocals to shine through, quietly building up that distinctive drum & bass rhythm without overshadowing those infectious synths.

There’s a twinkle and a brightness to the tune that makes it so incredibly catchy – we could easily keep this one on repeat all day! The perfect summer adventure tune, we’re ready for sunshine and beach parties with this track as our anthem. Speeding up the tune to a drum & bass beat has added a new energy and brightness to the original, and although we would never have imagined this tune getting a drum & bass remix, we’re sure glad it did!

Metrik has managed to maintain the retro, positive vibes of the original while transforming its sound and making it his own, a true testament to his skills as a producer. We’re a sucker for feel good music at MA, but this ‘Catalyze’ remix really stands out, making it essential summer listening. Vibrant melodies, energetic drums, and just enough 80s flair make for one seriously catchy tune, so be sure to check it out!

Grab ‘Catalyze’ now, out on Mofo Hifi Records

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