The award-winning label return with massive new LP

2016 has been a huge year for our friends at MethLab – following a string of huge releases, they won the “Best Newcomer Label” award at last week’s Drum&BassArena Awards. They’ve ended the year on a high note, between this release and their recent ‘Monoleth’ compilation as well, both featuring some of the most insane and inspiring drum & bass tunes we’ve heard all year. MethLab are known for high quality releases that always tell a story, and ‘Revenant’ is no exception. Featuring tunes from MachineCode, Current Value, Rawtekk and more, this is not one to miss!

Who could forget the MethLab release of Audeka’s ‘Lost Souls’ LP?

This 9-track EP highlights the diverse range of talent MethLab has to offer, and has us pretty excited for what’s to come in 2017. Expect to hear industrial, tech-driven tunes that are sure to be massively successful on the dancefloor, raising the bar high for this always impressive label.

Current Value kick off the LP with ‘Time Rubber’, a ghastly neuro tune with a unique grandeur. The intro is cinematic, building up gracefully into what is quite a powerful track. Current Value give us a certain finesse from his production that makes for a perfect opening track. Following the first minute’s immense buildup, we quickly drop into a gritty, sharp drum & bass beat while still maintaining that cinematic elegance throughout the track.

Broken Note gives us the second track on the LP, ‘Nightcrawler’. Known for his aggressive beats that are reminiscent of heavy metal music, this dark drum & bass tune is full of eerie vibes that will send chills down your spine. The bass on this hits hard, and there’s an almost sticky quality to the track that is as unique as it is powerful. Another flawlessly produced track, there’s a really stunning complexity to the layers present in the tune, giving off a really deep, penetrating sound.

The third track on the LP comes to us from Rawtekk, perhaps our favourite German duo. ‘Subway’ opens up with some rather spooky echo-like effects, taking us deep underground to an abandoned subway station. This track resonates out our speakers with an almost hollowing effect; we can almost feel the bass wave across the room. Rawtekk have created a track you can almost feel, bringing new life to the genre in a way that is creative and invigorating.

MachineCode, another favourite at MA (we’re still listening to their ‘Mechtropolis’ release from earlier this year) deliver the slightly softer side of neuro with ‘Voltron’. The title, which takes us back to our cartoon filled childhood, creates a sense of nostalgia before we even begin listening to the track, a feeling which lingers as we listen. MachineCode have managed to create something entirely new that yet already feels so familiar, an impressive feat to say the least.

War, hailing from Bristol here in the UK, brings the incredibly catchy ‘Darvaza’ to the table. The name refers to a giant gas crater near a nomadic village in Turkmenistan that many refer to as the ‘Gate to Hell’. This tune delivers a surprisingly upbeat sound combined with a certain ominous foreshadowing – definitely a truly unique track that we can’t get enough of! The sounds are lighter, with just scratches of something darker hinted at, a dark presence hidden just under the surface.

‘Ambush’ is the sixth track on this killer LP, brought to us by the one and only Silent Witness. Another ominous, foreboding track, this one definitely doesn’t hide the darker vibes, and we find ourselves again on edge. The drop is fast-paced with a cutting overlying melody that is sharp and pungent. We get some pretty groovy sci-fi vibes off this one as well – Silent Witness has really shown us his skills as a producer with this one.

For the seventh track on the album, Hypoxia have teamed up with HYQXYZ for an absolutely massive collaboration, entitled ‘Exploit’. This track’s intro sends shivers down our spines, and sounds almost like something out of a horror film. That menacing sound quickly turns into a powerful drum & bass beat with a fast-paced melody overlying just before things get eerily quiet before the drop. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard these artists work together, but we sure hope it won’t be the last!

The penultimate track is a new one from Malux, a relative newcomer to the scene who has done nothing but impress us since we first heard the name. ‘Begin’ is an absolutely insane tune that is sure to become an instant favourite, with a high energy and intricacy to it that cannot be beat. Still with those dark vibes, there’s a certain almost upbeat quality to the tune that is guaranteed to get you moving. Just before the second minute comes to an end, we get a really groovy breakdown that highlights Malux’s production skills.

Last but certainly not least is Skynet & MachineCode’s ‘Hologram’. Another epic collaboration, this tune opens with a sci-fi infused spoken sample that definitely helps tell a story and has our full attention right from the get go. The voice asks us if our existence is a mere simulation, setting the stage for some seriously thought-provoking music. We love the creativity and expertise that went into this one, and it makes for a perfect finish to ‘Revenant’.

2016 has been a huge year for this fairly new label, and ‘Revenant’ sums that up perfectly. With nine absolutely killer tracks to boast from some of the most talented names in drum & bass, you’re going to want to add ‘Revenant’ to your Christmas list if you don’t have it already.

You can pick up your copy of ‘Revenant’ now, as well as a limited edition T-Shirt, on Bandcamp now 

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