What happens when you get a gigantic prehistoric shark know as Megalodon and put them in the same room as the Midnight Tyrannosaurus? Jurassic happens. A monstrosity of a track, and not in a bad way. Jurassic is a classic example of what results you can get when you get some of the original dubstep crew in the same room together. The intro builds with a tense atmosphere which staggers into one of the biggest drops we’ve heard this year.

The two combine their sound design and styles together in such a way that would make you believe they were born to do this track together. Each section progresses with a new direction so that the track doesn’t get too repetitive whilst it feels like your stomach has been ripped out of  your body from the disgusting and intense sound design.

Appropriately named ‘Jurassic’, this track certainly feels large and impending – like you’re being chased by a shark or a t-rex. We’d like to point out how awesome this artwork is too. It takes a slightly different direction from the other Black Label artworks and this one really jumps out at you. The mixture of the two prehistoric creatures makes the theme of this release too good to be true.

Jurrasic by Megalodon & Midnight Tyrannosaurus is OUT NOW on NSD: Black Label

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