As soon as we saw the name SKisM pop up – we had a mini heart attack. One of the most sought after things in dubstep is music from one of the major influencers in the entire scene, but I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that. Instead, we are blessed with somewhat of a large remix from Mastadon. For those of you who don’t know who Mastadon is – one of the sickest upcoming underground dubstep producers out there.

He has had early support straight from artists such as Kayzo and Gentlmens Club with his tracks have already been well received both by DJs and on the dance floor. Considering this kid hasn’t even released an EP yet – it’s insane the quality of stuff coming from him already. We are highly anticipating when he does drop an EP, as we can imagine it being one of the hardest hitting things this year.

The remix itself has been wonderfully reworked, especially in the introduction. While the build remains practically the same, he has infused his own style and sound into the intro. The drop completely throws you off with some quirky FX but then flips completely round with one of the heaviest drops we’ve heard this year.

We’re extremely excited to see what else this guy brings this year after the success of Danger.

Mastadon’s Remix of Black Hole by SKisM X Trampa is OUT NOW as a FREE DL on NSD: Black Label

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