As part of the ongoing Black Friday series from NSD: Black Label – they have just released a brand new one from up and coming dubstep producer – Mastadon. He is a relatively unknown producer from Sydney, Australia with a few decent collaborations and singles under his belt already. It’s no surprise that NSD saw his potential and snapped him right up for Black Label then.

What Black Label are doing right now is unprecedented and they are grabbing the bar in dubstep and not only raising it, but creating a whole new avenue of music to enjoy and for up and coming producers to access. Not only that, but we are spoilt with the sheer amount of free music that they are giving us. It’s literally the best of both worlds here.

The track opens with a deep and atmospheric introduction that teases some gnarly basses. The tone is set well for when it drops; an unrelenting intricate groove of basses, percussion and quirky FX that all come together to create one stinker of a track. We can assure you that this will set any club immediately on fire and that you are going to have to invest in fire-proof USB devices to store this track on if you want to play it out live.

There is currently a Black Label tour in the USA with SKisM, Trampa & TrollPhace – we highly recommend grabbing tickets to this if you want to experience tracks like this in a live setting, along with watching the incredibly talented SKisM annihilate any club with his 4 deck style mixing.

Mastadon – Danger is OUT NOW as a free download on NSD: Black Label.

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