After the success of ‘No Time’ with Herobust, we were worried that LAXX wouldn’t be able to impress us very easily. We were proved entirely wrong.

LAXX is one of those artists that can not produce a bad track. He manages to consistently churn out banger after banger and each seems to build on the last to somehow raise the bar each and every time. His latest track ‘Noise’ has just come out for free download over on NSD and we are screaming with excitement.

‘Noise’ opens up with this really sweet sounding drum loop that quickly progresses with tonnes of energy behind it. One thing we love about LAXX is his ability to use simplistic noises and sounds in and put them together in a complex way. What we are left with is a really clean sounding track with tonnes of character.

We can tell a lot of polish and finishing touches went into it too with lots of quirky noises, bleeps and clever engineering going on over the entire track. Each time we listen, we pick up a new element or something we didn’t notice before – that definitely makes for enjoyable listening when on repeat.

We are really looking forward to seeing what LAXX is going to bring to the table this year.

‘Noise’ by LAXX is out now as a free download from here.

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