We talk Drum & Bass, Festivals and Ukraine in Exclusive Interview with Agressor Bunx.

We had the absolute privilege of sitting down with the Ukrainian Drum & Bass powerhouses, Agressor Bunx. In this interview we talk about the Drum & Bass scene in Europe, aggressive music and what’s next up for the guys. Read on to find out more…

Agressor Bunx is an interesting name. Where did it come from?

Agressor Bunx: When we were deciding what we were going to be called, we knew that it had to b unique, easy to pronounce, and memorable.

We make aggressive music, so thought that was appropriate to use ‘Agressor’, removing the double-G, so it looks nicer on a cover. The second word Bunx translates to punch!

What’s the Drum & Bass scene like over in places such as Ukraine and Czech Republic? How would you compare them to the UK scene?

Agressor Bunx: In Ukraine, the drum n bass scene is not very popular, though there are some good promoters who occasionally bring big artists! We think that in Czech Republic one of the biggest scene of Drum & Bass. We know that UK scene is big also but never played yet. 🙂

In Ukraine the scene isn’t very big, but we have a few good promoters who work hard to bring big artists over whenever they can! Czech Republic has one of the strongest Drum & Bass scenes that we know, we’ve heard lots about the UK scene but haven’t had the chance to play over there just yet!

The bus parties from Titan and Rough Tempo at Let It Roll were absolutely insane. What was the craziest thing that happened for you at Let It Roll this year?

Agressor Bunx: The whole LIR experience was crazy! We travelled with a load of friends 1200 kilometres from Ukraine, which was long but a lot of fun. We stayed for all 3 nights, met many great artists, it was really surreal, having literally anyone and everyone from the scene gathered in one place!

We played on the Eatbrain bus party on the second day, which was insane. Went b2b with Jade, so that was a lot of fun! The crowd had so much energy, could feel the whole bus rocking when people were jumping around. Incredible feeling. Then, getting to step up to play on the Eatbrain stage in front of thousands of people screaming, it was a feeling of pure euphoria!

B2b with Jade? That’s crazy! So you’ve got a brand new EP called ‘Critical Moment’ coming out on Blackout Music soon. Tell us a little about the EP.

Agressor Bunx: We always try to do something interesting and unusual. Combining old school, and a new sound. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to do! Drum & Bass has been around for a long time now, so to make something unique that no one has heard before can be really difficult. In this EP we’ve focused more on creating unusual grooves.

What else are you working on right now? Full-length album? Some crazy remixes?

Agressor Bunx: Actually Yes! We are making an album for Eatbrain! It is very diverse, we think everyone will find something new and wonderful, but don’t want to reveal too much at this point, so far it’s a secret! We think this album out on first part of 2017!!! You can hear some of the new tracks if you catch a set of ours! Also we’ve done some remixes, but can’t tell which artists they’re for because it is too early! 🙂

Finally, if you could collaborate with ANY producer (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

Agressor Bunx: Actually, we don’t like making collaborations with other producers too often, but from time to time we still do as it’s helpful to learn new things and diversify our sound! We think it’s got to be Noisia though, they’re always innovating, making something new and different. Hopefully one day we’ll get the chance to sit down with them! Also we would like to make collabs with The Upbeats, Audio, Phace, Misanthrop 😀

Critical Moment by Agressor Bunx is out on Blackout on the 14th October!

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