This Saturday, MA hosts our next showcase event in the beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located in one of the most underground clubs we’ve ever seen, Vox Club, located in the heart of the city, will host our most insane lineup yet. Featuring the talent of Asan & Yume, Quixsmell B2B Weakness, Datphoria LIVE, MM, Bad Boy Orange and our very own Kai, it promises to be a night to remember. Doors open at midnight, and you’re going to want to be there from start to finish!

We’ve prepared a little teaser to get you as excited as you need to be.

And to get you even more excited is a reminder that this epic track exists: a future bass masterpiece from 3 of the artists you’ll get to see Saturday. Quixsmell worked with Asan and DatPhoria to create ‘Escombros’ (literally translated as debris in English) and it’s definitely a fitting name.

The track carries a really charming quality to it, opening with that sweet melody and even sweeter lyrics. The bass is bouncy and light at once, and creates a really positive, uplifting atmosphere. Just after that first minute, the emphasis is placed on that twinkling melody that has a certain lullaby-esque quality to it. The second drops gets a little bit funky but still maintains that upbeat, charming quality to it that makes us really eager to see them all live!

If their stage presence is anything like their production, we are sure the energy will be high all night and the vibes beyond positive! This is the kind of music we love to dance to and can’t help but grin from ear to ear while doing so.
Another track to get you hyped is this one from Weakness. Released just a little over a month ago, we’re still not over this hybrid trap tune. Hailing from Argentina himself, Weakness truly is a legend when it comes to producing positive, bright sounds and we can’t wait to see him behind the decks on Saturday!

The opening is so bright and bouncy with that effervescent melody, but there is definitely a darker side to this tune with the drops, too. ‘Reborn’ plays with that duality between light and dark and creates a truly hybrid sound and we can’t see how it plays into his DJing. And playing back to back with Quixsmell, we’re sure madness will ensue. The energy in the room on Vox on Saturday will be absolutely unbeatable, no matter where in the world you are!

This is clearly not an event to be missed! Huge names paired with some amazing local talent and our very own Kai shredding the decks (who if you caught at our event in Torino, you’ll know what a treat you are in for!) make this a night that is sure to be remembered. Any fan of bass music, from trap to dubstep to future and everything in between, will not want to miss this. Check out full details on the Facebook event page and be sure to make the trip out for this one!



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