UZ’s Quality Goods Records are back and set to cause carnage with ‘Focus,’ the brand new EP from Denver based pairing Kyral x Banko. Individually known as Collin Burdick and Bennett Kohler they take music fans on a journey through bass, rap and hip-hop.

With the EP due to drop tomorrow we’re pleased to premiere ‘Bend It’ that progresses deeply into a cavernous bass/trap hybrid, packed to the rafters with steppy breaks and shards of vocals – overseen by plunging low-end chords.

The title track dropped also last week which is seeped in acutely atmospheric vibes, piling on the tension with drawn out riffs, contrasting bursts of drums and sharply ricocheting brass strikes.

It’s a huge release that once again showcases the diverse music range on Quality Goods Records. Pre-order Kyral x Banko’s ‘Focus’ EP here.

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