Each week, we’ll be highlighting the biggest and best things happening on MA Free’s YouTube Channel so you can make sure not to miss a thing! Part of the Most Addictive family, MA Free releases new tunes that are always 100% copyright free and is great for our fellow creators out there!

This week, one of our favourite releases is this new drum & bass tune from AK and Bayble. This soothing tune is full of really pleasant sounds that create a welcoming atmosphere, and is perfect for a relaxed Sunday evening. We love hearing this gentle side of drum & bass, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

On the heavier side of things, last week also saw the release of this new one from Blaqout. Aptly named ‘Destroy’, this track is full of an assortment of robot noises and naughty basslines that come together to form this insane dubstep tune, and we can’t stop listening to it! There’s a really catchy underlying rhythm on this one that we can’t help but nod along to, but of course that turns into headbanging after the first drop.

And finally, this week we also were treated to this new remix of Lumi’s ‘Torched’ by Krispy Kombo that is absolutely insane! Another heavy dubstep tune, this one has some really quirky vocals and just the right amount of airhorn to get us hyped, and the wicked drops to match. We love the eerie vibes on this track, and the buildups that know just how to get us moving! This one reminds us of Die Antwoord in a lot of ways, and we are absolutely obsessed.

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