This week’s MA Free highlights include new music from Tevlo, Michael White & more

October has been a big month for MA Free with a string of great releases this past week alone. We’ve hand-picked a few of our favourites that have really stood out, covering everything from drum and bass to chillstep. Have a look at our favourites from this week, and be sure to check out our previous collection of favourites, too.

Tevlo – Time

Kicking us off last week was ‘Time’ by Tevlo, an absolutely gorgeous electronic tune. Opening with a gentle piano melody, we’re immediately swept off our feet. Those really sweet, alluring vocals kick in and add to the charming atmosphere of the track, and we find ourselves falling head over heels for Tevlo.

The lyrics are as sweet as their delivery, and we’re wrapped up in a symphony of sound. The track is bright and full of energy, and carries consummate charm. Towards the third minute, things break down into a really gorgeous combination of charismatic vocals and shimmering melodies, and we find ourselves reaching for the replay button immediately after the track finishes.

Alwone – I’m Always Here

Another favourite is this chillstep tune from Alwone. Opening with what sounds like pouring rain, we’re instantly comforted by the familiarity present in the track. The vibes are calming and soothing, and we feel at ease listening to ‘I’m Always Here’.

The way the sounds flow so effortlessly out our speakers is greatly comforting, enveloping us in what is an absolutely gorgeous soundscape. The atmosphere is so tranquil, putting our minds at ease and allowing us to really, truly relax. It’s so easy to get lost in Alwone’s sound that we never want the track to end!

Michael White – Destiny

This week also saw the release of a rather massive drum and bass tune from Michael White. This high energy track kicks off with a really captivating melody that definitely catches our attention. That familiar drum and bass kicks in but with such an unusual sound that we’re almost not sure how to categorize it – all we know is that we really, really love it.

Not only is the track playful and fun, but there’s a certain intensity to it as well. The energy is bright and upbeat, and represents so much of what we love about drum and bass. You can really feel the love that went into this track – it’s infectious!

IKX – Step It Up

Wrapping up this week’s selection is this bouncy electro tune from IKX. Full of bright, vivacious energy, this one is sure to brighten your day! The energy is there right from the second you hit play, and is consistently high until the very end. With those 8-bit reminiscent sounds we love and a really playful atmosphere, we’re so in love with ‘Step It Up’!

The arrangement on this one has such a danceable quality, and we love how heavy it gets after the first minute. The energy is still there, but with a healthy dose of heavy bass before returning to that bright, animated melody. Peppy and vibrant, this is exactly the kind of tune we need to get through Mondays!

That’s it for this week’s selection, and, as always, each track is 100% free! Be sure to check out our previous list of favourites, and keep coming back to MA to see more highlights!

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