This week on MA Free saw the release of the latest track from Lozz & Another Life, an upbeat dubstep tune that is bursting with energy

‘Brainstorm’ starts out with a cheery, radiant melody with a hint of heavy bass that fills us with anticipation. There’s definitely a gentle quality to the tune in the beginning, and it has a certain twinkle that adds to the positive atmosphere. The intro layers a lot of sounds up, and then strips down again for a build-up that is simple but effective.

Things pick up right before the drop, and a pitched up vocal element is added to the mix. There’s a moment of silence just before the drop which hits us in the face with a healthy dose of bass. The drop gets really filthy but still maintains that positive energy from before. More vocal samples come in which adds to the playful nature of the track, but it continues on that heavier note.

Hints of that initial cheery melody are thrown into the lengthy drop, and the effect is a powerful, high energy track. Just after the second minute, things lighten up and we get another much more tranquil melody with just a sprinkle of bass thrown in. The track once again strips down three minutes in, giving off retro vibes reminiscent of old school video games just before building up to the second drop.

Keeping the energy high, the second drop adds another layer of madness to the mix. Lozz & Another Life have somehow managed to create a sound that is both filthy and upbeat – we’re not sure how they did it, but we love the end result. ‘Brainstorm’ is a track that will leave you feeling energised, but still let you blow off steam with each drop.

The last minute has a subtle funk element to it, and is the perfect end to this insane tune. From start to finish, ‘Brainstorm’ is full of positive vibes with just the right amount of heavy bass thrown in. Grab the tune for free download now, and be sure to come back next week to see our recap of the biggest things happening on MA Free! Check out last week’s recap too for more of our favourites.


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