Last week on MA Free, we had a new future remix from Arcade Blaster. This week, things are about to get a lot heavier! We’ve had two huge dubstep tunes drop, the first is Jhon Lefty’s remix of Ablaze’s ‘Make Your Way’.

We get hit with those vocals right from the start, and pitched in different ways to create a unique layering effect. There’s a really bright energy coming from this one, and the emphasis on the vocals makes it feel quite bubbly, especially with those high pitches.

The buildup to the first drop seems to be quite calming, but then the tempo starts to pick up a bit and the bass comes in to play. However, the bass doesn’t completely overshadow the melody, and is instead woven throughout, which ends up adding to that bubbly atmosphere. Definitely different from the original, but we love it!

Things calm down again a bit and we hear more of the duality of the high and low pitched vocals playing off each other. More samples are woven in alongside more of that deep bass, and the slower rhythm comes off really strongly. There’s a certain depth created by contrasting that deep bass with the high pitched vocals. We love Jhon Lefty’s take on this dubstep tune!

This week, we’ve also got the new track from Whats Noise. ‘Midnight Modulation’ starts off strong with some pretty crazy sci-fi vibes, and it took us a few listens to really process what exactly what was happening. This is such an insane tune!

This is a fast-paced, high energy dubstep track. We love the laser guns and subtle vocal samples in the intro, and the chaos that comes with that first drop. There’s an eerie melody that creeps in after the second minute, and we swear we’re hearing an organ in there somewhere. But things quickly pick up again and we’re hearing some subtle hardstyle influences under all the crazy cool lasers and robot noises.

This track is pure chaos, alluded to by the siren sounds that start to build up, but there’s no running from this drop! Things get pretty crazy towards the end, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s some sinister sounding samples thrown in, as well as plenty of bass! That eerie melody picks up one last time to finish this one off, and we’re already clicking replay.

That’s it for this week’s MA Free Recap, but be sure to come back next week for more highlights, and subscribe to MA Free on YouTube!

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