Tal Rochman PKA Sex Whales has had somewhat of a successful musical journey over the last few years and a handful of super sick releases. We got an exclusive sit down and chat with Tal about Tourrette’s, Touring and Dubstep.

The 17-year-old producer from Israel has recently returned from a tour around Europe & Canada showcasing the latest music from himself and playing shows with some other young talent such as Dion Timmer, Teminite and EH!DE in Geneva. We even had the pleasure of being there too!

During the time spent touring, Tal was working hard on his debut EP, ‘Night Fighters’ that he has just pushed out by himself as a self-release. If you think that most labels have several departments with several people inside pushing each forward – it can be quite overwhelming managing yourself on top of pushing a release. We sat down with Tal and got an exclusive interview. Read more below.

We saw the documentary you were in on Israel TV. What’s it like living with Tourette’s?

Well, it’s a struggle. It can completely make everything way harder. and not just mentally, It’s Tics, OCD, and you just look at things differently. It’s knowing that even if you’re feeling weird and “outside”, you’re still good. not different, but special. but I’m ALWAYS looking for the bright side, and trying to balance my life and enjoy everything that life gives me as much as possible. We as humans decide what’s up with our lives

Does this affect your musical productions?

Pretty sure that it did. Since a young age, I was willing to lead something, I had the need to take care and have control on something. I had so many emotions for music, and zero music background but a lot of music discs that my dad had. It made me really responsible about my career, it made me really passionate to do everything perfectly and in the best way that I can.

Music wise- it made me think outside the box and to actually have the willingness to do something SPECIAL, NEW, EXCITING.

You just completed a tour of Europe & Canada, what was the highlight for you?

It was all highlight for me! That is what I was willing to do my whole life! To spread positivity, to make people happy. To have the power to actually make someone’s day. That is really not obvious that I’ve reached all those things. I will be forever thankful for the people that supporting me, and coming to any show, event, meet up, or even supporting me online. This life is a big highlight!

After travelling for so long, did you find it hard to readjust to life back home?

Well, after a month outside my country and home, just at the beginning of my 17, it was a huge thing to me to be around my home again. It’s completely different life, different people, meanings, rules. It took some time to get back and balance your life, after living a month like that you just want MORE and this hype can be non-healthy in some ways.

How did you overcome these barriers?

Basically, it was a small journey of few months. I was a bit overwhelmed by everything and I found it difficult to settle in back at home after such a long time away. I struggled with motivation and had loads of mental blocks with writing music.

But at some point, I realized that I MUST take control of that and go back to business. At first, I had to do everything I can and to release as much music as I could. I had to cover those months, and when I did I directly started to plan the Night Fighters EP. I had to show myself that I can by music get over this times and to actually spread my message to the world. The most important message I could spread, that life is balanced. Bad things must come, so you can become stronger. That simple, we all fighting out lives. and that’s ALRIGHT. but people most to move on, and keep the great stuff going. I had to show myself that not everything is bad. and I did. It feels great

Did you surprise yourself in what you could do?

Actually? Hell yeah. at the point I could go back to my stuff, I started a Windows Text and wrote up everything I wanted to reach by the summer. I was the 14th April, and the “Deadline” was the 30th September. Which is the date I released the EP, and to be honest, I’ve done much more than I expected. I reached everything I wanted and reached MANY more great things. Life is surprising, and you should always expect the best. I’ve worked like crazy for 6 months, every single day, for more than 8 hours, by getting no sleep at all, just to make things going.

What’s next for Sex Whales?

Now the EP is out (Doing great), and probably 10 more songs that I’ve released since, and also have around 10 finished tracks that coming soon! Even releases with NCS, Lowly Palace (Trap Nation). I really spent time on getting better, so I can to give people the best stuff that’s possible. There is a few shows I’m having in Canada soon! The first show in Montreal already announced. I’m looking to get higher. To do great and special stuff, and to make as many people as possible living a bit happier with nice music.

Also, I’m willing to be the first whale on moon. 🐳🌙

Night Fighters EP by Sex Whales is OUT NOW

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