Can you name a better duo than Tisoki and Oliverse?

Both Tisoki and Oliverse are household names to anyone following MA – we’ve been supporting them for a while and always love to hear new music from them, so we were even more excited to see this collaboration. ‘Friends Forever’ came about in a rather interesting way, and we’ve sat down with both artists to learn a bit more about the track. A reimagining of Oliverse’s ‘Pizza Power’ which came out in 2015 as part of his ‘Mountains’ EP, the track highlights both producers’ signature sounds in this energetic dubstep tune.

Preserving that original, incredibly catchy melody from ‘Pizza Power’ right from the start, there’s something oddly comforting about the track that we can’t quite put our finger on. There’s an almost lullaby-esque quality to the chiptune-infused piano, and we love how much attention is paid to the introduction and build-up.

The first drop hits hard, a brief and ominous vocal sample paving the way for some seriously heavy bass. That same melody is still present amidst the chaos, but Tisoki and Oliverse successfully show us their heavier side. A new vocal chop is introduced in between drops, and things are calm again briefly before we’re again annihilated by the chaotic second drop. With two distinct drops, each producer is given time to shine on their own, while the rest of the track definitely perfectly incorporates both producers’ unique sound. Keep reading to find out more about the making of the track from Tisoki (Brad) and Oliverse (Ryan)!

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! How are things?

Ryan: Pleasure! I’m all good, things are getting pretty exciting for me at the moment, I’ve just recently started doing shows which is awesome and I’m really happy with all this new material that I have going on right now.

Bradley: I’m high on coffee right now but i’m keeping busy!

So you’ve just released a pretty massive collaboration together – how long has this been in the making?

Ryan: Brad started remixing my track Pizza Power last summer and as soon as he showed me it, my mind was racing with ideas so I asked him to send the project over to me. We mashed it with the vocals from Oliver Heldens – Overdrive as well as the vocal from my track Hold It Down in this huge mega-mashup thing that we could use in our live sets. We spent several months deciding if it was going to be a Pizza Power remix or a VIP or an Oliver Heldens bootleg etc. etc.

We ended up refining the track over a few months until we finally decided to make it an original track.

Bradley: It’s been in the works for a while, like Ryan said, we both used it in sets and i opened every show on my Australia tour last year with it.

‘Friends Forever’ actually reuses a melody from one of Oliverse’s older tracks, ‘Pizza Power’ – what inspired you to revisit this tune?

Ryan: We both felt that Pizza Power was slightly over looked when I released the ‘Mountains’ EP and I wanted to initially do something special with it for live shows. After I sent Brad the stems to play around with it all spiralled from there.

Bradley: Yeah i kinda felt that the original didn’t see enough light (as well as the rest of his Mountains EP) as it was during Ryans rebranding stage as he transitioned from Curious Kontrol over to Oliverse. It was definitely one of the strongest songs of my sets but we have like 20 different versions already haha.

This isn’t the first time you guys have worked together on a track – looking at your past collaboration, how would you say you’ve each changed since then?

Ryan: We’ve both progressed so much since we collaborated the first time around which was almost 2 years ago when we first started Spongebob. We’re constantly bouncing ideas off each other as well as cool little production tips we discover.

Bradley: The great thing about producing stuff with your friends is constantly learning new shit together. It never feels like a competition when you’re always discovering new ways to do certain things because everyone is different and one technique can be interpreted so many different ways. I definitely feel we’ve both come a long way since then but we’ll probably say the same thing again in a year in regards to this… and that’s dope!

As you’ve worked together before, was it easy to crack on and work or did you find yourself easily distracted?

Ryan: I think the hardest thing about this track was the fact we had so many ideas for it. We’d get to a point where we thought it was finished then we’d get a tonne more ideas for it. It got to the point where we decided to meet up and get in a studio for the day and just get it finished for definite.

Bradley: Yeah i think it worked really well, me and Ryan work so well together that sometimes it’s hard to put a definitive stop to it and say “look, let’s just use this as the final one” as we can just continue ideas for months. Although, Ryan has this YouTube playlist of dumb videos which we’ll end up procrastinating over time and time again.

How did you guys meet in the first place? Was it love at first sight?

Ryan: More like, love at first… Krabby Patty.

I was first introduced to Brad through Diamond Eyes (Josh) after me and Josh had been working together on a few things back on 2012. We’d spoke a few times but it wasn’t until 2015 when we started talking regularly. I was messing around on Ableton one night making a trap song with the ‘It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for’ clip from Spongebob (as you do!) I uploaded a video of it to Instagram. I then got a message off Brad asking me to send him the project so we collabbed on it. It all started from there really.

Bradley: I was instantly drawn to his roots in emo music and guitar shit cos i’d came from exactly the same place. My ex girlfriend was super obsessed with his old music under a different alias as well so i’d hear his music being played around but never realised that it was actually Ryan and then Josh intro’d us and the rest is history! (Thanks Josh lol)

If you had to choose a tattoo for each other to commemorate your friendship, what would it be and why?

Ryan: I think a burger would be a pretty good one. It’s got the reference to our first collab which sparked our friendship and we both really love the next best thing to a krabby patty… FIVE GUYS!

Bradley: We’re actually taking a mini holiday this weekend together and a tattoo shop is on the list of things to do so it could actually happen…

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us today guys, one final question! Name a better duo than Tisoki and Oliverse?

Ryan: Drake & Josh of course!

Bradley: Ray Volpe & Subway… sorry dude

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